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North Lindsey Profile –June 2011

North Lindsey Bowling Club was formed in 1909 by a group of affluent businessmen and was originally located at Orb Lane (St Vincent House) Scunthorpe. In 1920 the Club moved to its present location in Buckingham Avenue after part of an open field was purchased and developed into a bowling green. At this time a large roller used on the green was pulled by a donkey hired for the task and the Club’s books show a payment of seven pounds and sixpence for the purchase of a set of leather shoes for the donkey (bowling shoes for donkeys, whatever next?). The new green unfortunately was found to have a 9 inch slope on it and in 1950 the members decided that it had to go, and so in the autumn they completely removed, levelled and re-laid the surface in only three weeks using voluntary labour. The following year bowling took place on the green including a County match proving what a phenomenal achievement this was. While all this was going on the housing estate surrounding the green was being constructed and the club retained full control over its land including the car park. In 1925 North Lindsey Bowling Club was one of the six founding clubs to participate in the newly formed Scunthorpe and District Bowls League sponsored by Schweppes along with United Services, Frodingham Works, St. Lawrence, Highfield and Ashby Mill Road Bowls Clubs. In 1948 a Second Division was formed and North Lindsey entered a second team into this Division and in 1952 ladies were allowed to play in the men’s teams. North Lindsey became a very prestigious Club and particularly in the 50’s to the 70’s when County matches were frequently played there. The Club has had numerous Local, County, National Champions along with a player selected to play for England. Development has continued at the Club and various improvements over the years have been made such as a purpose built toilet block in 2005 and equipment and an automatic irrigation system in 2007. Currently the Club has approximately 30 members and has teams in the Scunthorpe & District, Humberside Triples and Scunthorpe Triples Leagues. North Lindsey is a forward-looking club and continues to look towards developing and improving the club further.

Profile of Epworth Bowls Club - May 2011

The birth of Epworth Bowls Club took place back in 1930 at a meeting held at the Memorial Playing Field. This meeting was extremely well attended by local people and it was agreed to form the Club. Various officials were elected and the membership subscription was set at five shillings for the season. The green was situated in the corner of the playing field adjacent to the current green. With the new members not possessing their own bowls the club provided them and they were initially kept at a shop opposite the green which belonged to a local agricultural engineer called Harris. Eventually a small wooden shed was provided as a shelter and pavilion. As the years went by a better playing surface was required and in 1984 a new green was constructed nearly alongside the old one. A timber building was used as a pavilion and was sited where the current equipment store is presently located.Epworth Bowls Club has always continued to look at improving their facility and in 1996 they finalised the construction of a new purpose brick built pavilion which included kitchen facilities. The Club recently installed a portacabin improving the toilet facilities and also secured a car parking area on the playing field at the rear of the clubhouse. The Club has held Humberside County Finals and other major competitions on its green and continues to work hard at maintaining and improving the Club. Currently they have approximately 30 members and have teams in the Scunthorpe and District League and Scunthorpe Triples League. Individual successes include Local and County Competition Winners. Amongst these successes is a rather remarkable piece of information mentioned in an article in the local press in 1936 stating that ‘Epworth Bowls Club is proud of its unbeaten home record in the six years since the Club was formed. Many strong sides have visited the Club with the sole intention of lowering this record, but none have succeeded’, indeed an exceptional achievement.Epworth is a club still determined to succeed both in providing an excellent facility as well as an enjoyable leisure activity for its local community.
Epworth Bowls Club has accepted the invitation to be the host for the 2012 k/o finals and Brian Brown has been selected by the Club to be the League's President for 2012. He will take office at the January 2012 AGM.


Scotter Bowls Club originated at a public meeting which took place at the White Swan Inn, Scotter on 25th March 1969 following a generous offer made by a Scotter family, the late Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Sizer, to the Scotter War Memorial Playing Field Committee. This offer was for the loan of existing greens and pavilion situated within their private garden adjacent to St. Peter’s Church in Scotter. The bowling greens (2 four rink greens with one elevated above the other), which was overlooked by St. Peter’s Church, gave the Club one of the most picturesque settings in the country. In 1970 the Club was admitted to the Scunthorpe and District Schweppes Bowling League, and in 1971 it had a team admitted to the Schweppes Ladies League. Since then the Club has seen its players play at all levels of the sport. The Club’s members have commanded regular positions in both the Lincolnshire Bowling Association and Federation County teams, as well as qualifying as individuals in the National Finals at Worthing (English Bowling Association) and Skegness (English Bowling Federation). Success has also been achieved by the Club teams both in the League and Team Competitions. The Club is also honoured to have provided both Lincolnshire County Ladies and Gents Bowls Association with Presidents The Club moved from its original location to the present green at the Playing Field in 1990. The official opening of the new venue took place on 29th June 1991 and was performed by Graham Taylor, then the England Football Manager, who spent the whole day at Scotter participating in the tournament organised for the day. The daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Sizer is currently the Club’s President so continuing the family’s involvement with Scotter Bowls Club. . The Club currently has four teams competing in the Scunthorpe and District League, two teams in the Gainsborough Standard League, a team in the Isle of Axholme Pensioners League and takes part in numerous team competitions in the area and the County. A Gala Tournament is run on the first Saturday in July and attracts many players from Clubs all over the Lincolnshire area. The playing surface is second to none in the County and is frequently called on to host many prestigious games. Lincolnshire County Bowls Association and Scunthorpe & District Bowls League bring many of their games to Scotter and Tourist teams from other parts of the Country are regularly booking to play at the Club. As stated in its Constitution the Club will always try to promote the game of bowls in such a way that everyone from the beginner to the highly competitive player can fully enjoy the game within this sociable Club environment.


In 1981 Bottesford Town Bowls Club was conceived at a meeting between a number of people which took place at Tea Pot Hall in the town. The meeting agreed to advertise the intention to form a Bowling Club and consequently a number of meetings of large groups of interested people were held at Sunningdale Junior School and the Constitutional Club. Many of these people who attended were to become future members of the newly formed Club. 1982 saw permission given by Scunthorpe Borough Council for the new Club to play out of the public greens at Keelby Road while the Club’s own greens were constructed at Valley View Park, Bramley Crescent in Bottesford. The Club’s own pavilion was erected in 1983 at a cost of £1700, with the Club’s members raising enough finance to cover the cost of foundations. This new Pavilion was officially opened by the Mayor of Scunthorpe Councillor Bath and Bottesford Mayor Councillor Edwards. The Community Programme Workforce laid the two greens and constructed the surrounds in 1985 which were funded by Bottesford Town Council and the Commission Community Programme. July 27th 1986 was the day that both the new greens were officially opened by the Minister of Sport Richard Hickmet MP and the Bottesford Town Mayor Mrs Sheila Heseltine. It ended four playing seasons at Keelby Road and an invitation match was also played on this day and players from all Clubs in the area attended. The Pavilion has been extended at a further cost of £1000 paid for by members. These greens were the first new greens to be opened in over 60 years in this area. At this time membership numbers enabled the Club to participate with two teams in the Ladies League and two teams in the Mens Triples League and currently has teams in the Scunthorpe and District League. Over the years the Club has produced several Local, County and National Champions. During the 2006 Season the Club won the Ladies League and the Men won the Mens Triples League 2nd Division. The Club continues annually to make donations to the ‘Local Carers Association’ and the ‘Lindsey Lodge Hospice’ and is extremely proud to be associated with these charities. Bottesford Bowls Club has come a long way since 1981 and its progress has been down to all its members, hardworking officers and the assistance of the local Councils and Grant aiders.


Haxey Bowls Club was formed in 1969 following a meeting between a small group of local people and the Haxey Playing Field Association. Following this meeting it was decided to go-ahead with the construction of a bowling green on the Playing Field and the formation of a Bowls Club. Once the green was completed the newly formed Club joined the Gainsborough Bowls League. Initially the club shared the small pavilion with Haxey Cricket Club which was situated at the opposite side of the green to the current pavilion. Bowling greens need a lot of maintenance to provide a good playing surface and a good watering system is essential. In 1993 the club purchased an automatic watering system incorporating electrically controlled pop-up sprinklers situated around then green. As the sharing of the pavilion continued it soon became evident that a purpose built pavilion for the Bowls Club was needed and early in 1995 planning permission was applied for and granted. The new building was opened in late 1995 and is the pavilion that is currently being used. After this the Club then entered teams in the Scunthorpe and District Bowls League and the Humberside County Leagues. The Club holds many fundraising open tournaments, numerous friendly matches and Humberside County Presidents matches. Haxey members have won Local, County and National honours and probably the most notable being two mixed triples who won through to the finals of the Marie Denny which were played in Spain. Haxey Bowls have also supplied County Presidents and various Indoor Officials as part of their involvement in bowls in this area. At this present time the Club has approximately 30 members and has teams in the Scunthorpe and District League, Humberside Triples League, Isle of Axholme League and the Isle Pensioners League. Haxey Bowls Club is currently sponsored by Kia Motors and have received financial aid from the Parish Council and other local grant aiders to whom they are very grateful.

A Profile of Scunthorpe Bowls Club May 2011

Scunthorpe Bowls Club owes its origins to St Lawrence’s Church in Scunthorpe. Shortly after the end of the First World War the Church felt there was a need to provide some recreation for the men in its congregation. An area of land was made available opposite the Church on Church Lane for a bowls and tennis section and it was named St. Lawrence’s Bowling and Games Club. Some 16 years later a club pavilion was erected and officially opened on 20th April 1935. In 1937 it became necessary for the club to find new premises as the land that it occupied was needed for the construction of a new church hall. Fortunately an area of land was found and acquired in Lloyds Avenue and a bowling green constructed. The pavilion was moved by horse and cart from Church Lane and erected at the Lloyds Avenue site where it still stands today. It is a testament to the excellent workmanship that the pavilion has survived for over 70 years and continues to serve its purpose to the members today. The club was renamed ‘Scunthorpe Bowls Club’ and was officially opened on the 18th June 1938 and bowls has continued to be played on the ground ever since. Recently a surprise discovery was made of a set of club minutes from 1937 that have provided a fascinating insight into the game in those early days. For instance, play was not allowed on Sundays until 1940 and then only between the hours of noon and 5.30pm. Between 2001 and 2007 major grants have been received enabling various developments to take place to the facilities such as improvement of the surrounds, toilets, provision of disabled access, resurfacing of access and car park and purchase of new equipment. Grant aiders include ‘Awards for All, Biffaward, National Lottery and Voluntary Action. The Club currently has approximately 60 members and has teams in the Scunthorpe & District, Scunthorpe Triples and Humberside Triples Leagues. Over the years the club’s teams and its members have been successful in local, County and National Competitions. Scunthorpe Bowls has travelled a long road since those early days in Church Lane and now has an excellent facility and the club offers a warm friendly welcome to all who visit.

Barnetby Bowls Club Profile - June2011

The origin of Barnetby Bowls Club has been traced back to about 1927 and it played in those days in Kings Road, Barnetby. However in about 1932 the Club was offered an alternative venue which it accepted and round about 1932 it relocated to a new site in St. Barnabas Road. During the closed season of 1977/78 the Club found it was not able to continue playing at the Saint Barnabas Road venue for various reasons and found itself with nowhere to play. In 1982 a group of members with terrific determination joined together to fund raise and work hard to get the Club back on the green that it had just left. However this was to become a temporary situation and in 2002 Barnetby played its last match on the green it had enjoyed for so long. So began an even more difficult period in Barnetby’s history when its members had no green to play on. With the club and its members still determined to continue it found two venues offering to help it temporarily. In the 2003 season it played its home matches at the Kirmington Bowling greens. Following this season the help came from Caistor Bowls Club which allowed it to play there for seasons 2004 and 2005. In the meantime, in 2004, a new green was approved and started on Barnetby playing fields. This was officially opened in 2006. Barnetby Bowls Club at last had its own green again to play and it played its first match on April 26th 2006. The development at the new venue has continued and grants were obtained from three different organisations and in January 2010 construction of a purpose built pavilion was started. In May 2010 the pavilion was officially opened and Barnetby having travelled a very difficult road can now be proud of its determination, hard work and pursuance of its dream which has provided it with an excellent green and exceptional facilities. Barnetby have currently approximately 34 members and would welcome more. It has teams in the Scunthorpe and District, Humberside and Barnetby Leagues.
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