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Knockout Competitions Rules 2017

1.   All games are played under EBF Rules unless otherwise stated. 

2.  All competitions are 21 ends except for the singles which are 21 shots up; extra ends are to be played if necessary to decide a game. 

3.  The Hospital, Hunter, Lysaghts, Jubilee and Corus cups are all 4 woods games whilst the Star Shield games are 2 woods games. 

4.   Players in teams for the pairs and triples competitions must be from the same club. 

5.  A substitute player may be used for genuine reasons but this player must not have taken part in the same competition during this season and once having played cannot play for another ‘team’ in the same competition. 

6.   A score-card duly signed must be sent to the Competitions Secretary immediately after each game; results may be telephoned but a card must still be submitted, otherwise the player(s) will be eliminated. 

7.  A score-card must also be submitted if a game is conceded, clearly stating the reason to confirm who goes through to the next round. 

8.   Semi-Finals are to be played on a neutral green, but not on the same green as Finals Day.  If the venue for the neutral green cannot be mutually agreed upon, the Competitions Secretary will nominate another venue. 

9.  Dates

9.1    Closing dates have been set for every round of the competitions.

Finals Day is to be held on  Saturday 26th August at Bottesford Bowling Club, when the dress code will be strictly all whites. 

9.2   The home drawn player/team must offer opponents at least three dates for the game, at least one of these should include a week-end.

9.3   The away drawn player/team must accept one of these dates within 3 days of the offer being made.

9.4    For first round /preliminary round games the offer of dates must be made at least 7 days before the closing date for the round. 

9.5    For the subsequent rounds the offer of dates must be made by the Saturday following the relevant Wednesday closing date.

9.6    If the home drawn player does not offer dates within the time scale the opponent(s) will be entitled to offer dates for the relevant game.

9.6    Failure to comply with this procedure may result in one or both parties being eliminated from the competition concerned.