MAY signalled the beginning of the new 2017 Outdoor Season with most of the First Division teams getting the league off to a flying start on Tuesday 2nd May. The outdoor programme really swung into full action as the week unfolded with a total of four First division, five Second division, five Third division, five Fourth division and one ladies division matches played by the end of this opening week. Reigning First Division champions Shires secured 10 points in their first match at Cemetery Road while Kirton Lindsey in division Two collected a full house of 12 points at home against Epworth and Scunthorpe ladies secured a full house of 6 points on a visit to Cemetery Road. By the end of May Cemex had shown their intentions and taken an early lead in Division One, Barton Brigg Road was leading Division Two and Co-op ‘A’ was heading Division Three while Belton ‘B’ led Division Four Division and in the Ladies Division Scunthorpe was setting the early pace.                                                                                                                                          

The Annual Champions (Shires 2016 season) versus the Rest match was played at the Shires, Kirton green. The Rest team included 2016 season’s winning teams from each of the other Divisions along with a rink representing the League’s Management. The Champions (Shires) won the challenge match by a comfortable total shots score of 92 to 52 shots and secured four rink wins.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Humberside County Bowls Association (EBF) ladies team had mixed results when they played both their Donald Steward and Silver Vase team matches against Lincolnshire winning their Silver Vase game but losing the Donald Steward                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The Indoor Summer leagues started at the Carlton Street Indoor Centre and continued throughout the summer months playing every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

JUNE brought a few weeks of very mixed weather in which a number of games were cancelled and rearranged. By the end of the month Scotter was leading Division One with reigning champions Cemex Sports in second place 7 points behind. In Division Two Cemetery Road ‘B’ had crept into the lead 26 points ahead of Belton ‘A’ while in Division Three Scotter ‘B’ had taken the lead with a string of excellent results. Division Four saw Belton ‘B’ leading the way 31 points ahead of Scunthorpe ‘B’ in second place. Finally in the Ladies Division there was no change as Scunthorpe remained in the top spot with a lead of 10 points.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The Bowls Lincolnshire EBA Section One finals were held at Clee B.C. and in the 3 BOWL TRIPLES  -  Neil Rowe/James Staples/Jason Gray (Shires) and in the 2 BOWL OVER 55’s RINKS  -  Neil Rowe/Tony Gilroy/Derek Skelton/John Markham (Shires) were successful. As a result of winning their Section Finals they qualified for the Bowls Lincolnshire County Semi-finals to be held at Burton House B.C., Boston, in July.

Brigg Bowling Club hosted a match between Lincolnshire County Vice Presidents Chairman’s team and the Senior Deputy Chairman’s team. The game produced some excellent competitive bowling from both teams and an occasion that all that took part thoroughly enjoyed.                                                                                                                                                                 Humberside EBF Ladies hosted Cleveland at Kirmington and secured 18 to 0 points wins in both the Donald Steward and Silver Vase.

Shires were at the top of Division One in the Scunthorpe and District Triples League with Scunthorpe in second place trailing by just 4 points. Division Two was being led by an in-form Rose Leisure team 14 points clear of second placed North Lindsey.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

In the Indoor Summer Triples League the Alex Mullin team was holding on to the top spot by just 2 points over Peter Collins team  whilst the Australian Pairs League was also being led by the Alex Mullin team followed by the Dennis Chambers team.                                                                                                                                                                

JULY saw the League fixture programme continuing without any major disruptions for the weather. By the end of the month Division One was starting to show a serious chase for the title by Cemex who had now established themselves at the top of the table with a 28 point lead over Cemetery Road hovering in second position. Cemetery Road ‘B’ was sustaining its position at the top of Division Two whilst in Division Three Messingham ‘B’ was holding onto the lead and enjoying an extremely close battle with Barton Park in second place. Division Four saw Belton ‘B’ hanging on to the lead by 13 points over second placed Scunthorpe ‘B’  who were turning in some excellent results. In the Ladies Division Shires had eased into the lead and were now intending to stamp their authority on the division with a 10 points lead over nearest rivals Cemetery Road in second spot.  

In late July the Scunthorpe and District Triples League Division One leaders were Scunthorpe followed by Cemetery Road trailing by 6 points in second place. In Division Two Rose Leisure with a string of great results were maintaining their lead in the top position closely followed by North Lindsey in second place.                                          

Lincolnshire County Ladies Bowls Association (EBF) played in the Donald Steward and Silver Vase competitions against Durham. In the Donald Steward they won by 17 to 1 points and in the Silver Vase game they completed a double victory by winning by 16 to 2 points. Following this the Lincolnshire team then played Derbyshire and in the Donald Steward they secured another victory by 12 to 6 points. In the Silver Vase they beat Derbyshire by 14 to 4 points. Local players taking part in these matches were Eleanor Nicholson (Cemetery Rd), Jenny Rowe, Sue Bennett and Rena Markham (Shires).                                                                                                                                                  

The Bowls Lincolnshire County (EBA) Ladies qualified for the England National Finals in the Johns Trophy. The Lincolnshire team contained local players Sue Bennett, Jenny Rowe and Rena Markham from Shires B.C.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

In the Lincolnshire County and the Humberside County EBF Finals many Scunthorpe area players were involved resulting in a number of them winning and securing qualification to the English National Federation Finals at Skegness in August.

Scotter Bowling Club hosted a match between the Lincolnshire County Vice Presidents Chairman’s team and a representative Scotter mixed team. The match provided a quality encounter that produced some excellent competitive bowling from both teams resulting in a close victory for the Scotter club.

AUGUST is the month when the end of the season is in sight and the promotion and relegation issues suddenly become a reality so it is important that a good finish to the season is essential. Towards the end of the month Division One leaders Cemex had opened the gap between them and second placed Cemetery Road to a massive 26 points and defiantly maintained its grip on the championship. Division Two saw Cemetery Road ‘B’ maintain its place at the top of the table after securing a run of important victories with Messingham ‘A’ settling into second place. While in Division Three, Messingham ‘B’ was in first place at the top of the division with a lead of 4 points over second place Barton Park. In Division Four Belton ‘B’ was at the top of the table with an in-form surge of excellent results followed by Scunthorpe ‘B’ in second place. In the Ladies Division Shires was in the top spot with a lead of 3 points over Cemetery Road.                                                                                                                                                               

The Finals of the Scunthorpe & District Bowls League individual knockout competitions were hosted by Bottesford Bowls Club. The finals provided some excellent quality bowling with the President of the League Mrs Jennifer Selby (Bottesford) presenting the trophies to the winning recipients as follows:                                                                           

HOSPITAL CUP (Mens singles)     V. Deboer (Cemetery Road),                                                                                                                                                                         

HUNTER CUP (Mens Pairs)           R. Skinner/A. Bennett (Cemetery Road),                                                                                                                                                        

STAR SHIELD (Open triples)         P. Grimbleby/D. Barnard/S. Grimbleby (Scunthorpe),                                                                                                                                  

LYSAGHTS CUP (Ladies singles) S. Cooper (Shires),                                                                                                                                                                                          

JUBILEE CUP (Ladies pairs)         G. Borrill/J. Spilman (Winterton),                                                                                                                                                                        

CORUS CUP (Mixed Pairs)            M. Dargue/N. Poole (Cemetery Road).  

Cemex played Highfield House in the Final of the Eland Trophy (team competition) at the Scunthorpe B.C. green. Whilst both teams produced some excellent bowls it was the Cemex team that rallied in the final ends to eventually run out winners by 80 to 63 shots

Cemetery Road won the EBF Ron Kitchen Trophy competition at Skegness. In the Semi-final they beat Freskney (Boston) and following this went on to beat the quality team of Royal Mail Cart (Spalding) in the Final of the competition,                                                                                                                                                                                          

Cemex Bowls Club (South Ferriby) beat Goxhill Bowls Club at Kirmington Bowling Green in the Humberside (English Bowling Federation) Team Champions Trophy.                   

In the Scunthorpe and District Triples League Shires continued in first place in Division One 4 points ahead of Scunthorpe whilst in Division Two Rose Leisure continued to hang onto top spot followed by North Lindsey trying to keep in touch with them . Shires was successful in securing the Triples League Knockout Shield after beating Scunthorpe by 8 to 0 points in an extremely interesting well fought encounter. 

General action in one of the last League matches of the season - Div One - Rose Leisure v Epworth 

The Indoor Summer League completed its fixture programme with the team of Peter Collins securing the Triples League title with 35 points and Alex Mullin winning the Australian Pairs League title with a total of 17 points.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

The English Bowling Association (EBF) National Championships were held at Skegness and included a number of Scunthorpe area bowlers from both Lincolnshire and Humberside County Bowling Associations. Jenny Rowe and Rena Markham (Shires) put up an exceptional performance by winning the National Senior Ladies Pairs title.

Humberside County Bowls Association teams that included a number of Scunthorpe area bowlers had remarkable success securing three National team titles when the ladies won the Silver Vase Final and the Donald Steward Trophy Final. The Humberside men also secured a National title in the Newton Final making it triple success for Humberside.

 Diaappointment for Bowls Lincolnshire ladies in the Inter County Johns Trophy Finals of the Bowls England Nationals played at Royal Leamington Spa B.C. The Lincolnshire team contained local players Sue Bennett, Jenny Rowe and Rena Markham (Perrys Sports). After winning the Semi-final the Lincolnshire team lost in the Final to a quality Norfolk team despite winning on four out of the six rinks.

SEPTEMBER sees the end of the outdoor season with clubs completing fixtures in what has turned out to be a difficult season for weather. Most results have now been received and the final positions in the Divisions are almost decided. Cemex after a remarkable season has won the Division One title with 213 points, Cemetery Road ‘B’ has taken the Division Two title with 175 points and Barton Park has secured the Division Three title with 148 points. The Division Four championship has been won by Belton ‘B’ with 174 points while Cemetery Road has secured the Ladies Division title with a current total of 60 points.                                                                                                                            

The 2017/18 Indoor Bowling Season commenced with the Carlton Street Indoor Centre opening its doors on Monday 4th September allowing bowlers to take the chance to practice before the real competition of the leagues started. The full domestic league programme started week commencing Monday 11th September and the Club team matches will be starting with the Annual ladies challenge match at home against North Cave on Sunday 24th September commencing at 12.30pm. The first Lincolnshire County League game will be a Men’s Division One home match against Spalding on Saturday 14th October commencing at 1.00pm.                                                                                       

LATEST OUTDOOR LEAGUE RESULTS                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Division One – Rose Leisure 10 Epworth 2, Highfield House 0 Cemex 12, Highfield House 3 Shires 9, Burton Stather 4 Scotter 8, Burton Stather 2 Cemetery Road 10, Brigg 6 Highfield House 6, Highfield House 2 Cemetery Road 10, Cemex 12 Brigg 0, Winterton 4 Highfield House 8, Winterton 7 Burton Stather 5, Epworth 4 Scotter 8, Scunthorpe 7 Rose Leisure 5.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Division Two – Barnetby 8 Barton Brigg Road 4, Cemetery Road ‘B’ 8 Bottesford ‘A’ 4.                                                                                                                            

Division Three – Barton Park 10 North Kelsey 2, Winterton B 4 North Kelsey 8, Shires B 10 Scotter B 2.                                                                                                  

Division Four – Burton Stather ‘B’ 8 Sheffield Park 4.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Ladies - Railway Sports 2 Winterton 4.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

OUTDOOR LEAGUE’S PRESENTATION NIGHT                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The Scunthorpe & District Bowls League’s ‘Presentation Evening’ incorporating The Scunthorpe Triples League will be held at Redbourn Social Club on Friday 6th October 2017 from 7.00pm until midnight. Entertainment will be provided by the legendary local band ‘The Moggies’ singing a mixture of 60’s to present day material along with ‘Sounds Incorporated Disco. Tickets cost £7.50p per person and will include Pie, Chips and Peas supper with various Pre-booked options available. Posters for this event are now displayed at all Clubs and Tickets for this event should be obtained through your Club Secretary.

IMPORTANT NOTICE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Would Clubs please return any League trophies to SDBL Secretary Vince Hardie or return them to the Indoor Bowls Centre reception office by Monday 18th September 2017 at the latest.